Welcome to the Australian Institute of Kinesiologist Ltd


The AIK Ltd., known as 'The Institute', is a democratic and open organization that has been developed to represent Kinesiology and service Kinesiologists and Kinesiology practitioners throughout Australia.

Having been established in 1998, `The Institute' is represented nationally with having members in every state across Australia. 


The Institute focuses on:
  • Providing membership benefits to all members and Kinesiology practitioners;
  • Strengthening and ensuring Kinesiology to be one of the vital complementary therapies in Australia;
  • Maintaining professional, educational and training standards of Kinesiology in Australia;
  • Providing industry leadership policies and initiatives for the betterment of Kinesiology and Kinesiology practitioners;
  • Safeguarding the interest of Kinesiology and Kinesiology practitioners throughout Australia.
The following triangle is a simple diagram showing how Kinesiology is supported by members of The Institute, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and course authors and instructors registered with The Institute.  All of us play a part in ensuring that this fascinating and life changing field grows into one of the main health modalities in Australia today.


To contact the Association, please phone 1300 787 788 or send an email to info@aik.org.au



Feel free to explore our website, learn more about Kinesiology and what it can do for you. If you are looking for a Registered Kinesiologist in your area please visit our 'Find a Kinesiologist' page. If you have any further questions please visit the 'Contact' page.