History of the AIK logo


The design of the AIK Logo was a product of a high school graphics assessment in the 1998.  The instructions were to design either the artwork for an existing business or create totally new and original designs for a new or beginning business.  My mother Linda Hanson had been in natural therapies for many years and was at that time part of the original team that included Trevor and Jacklyn Savage and Anne Summers.  This team was working to establish a new Association for kinesiologists throughout Australia. I needed a new business or association that needed paperwork and the kinesiology team was building a new Association that needed new graphics or artwork.
After much discussion, feedback and refining, research into the theories and principles of energy healing, the time honoured triangle was chosen as the classic representation of body, mind and spirit.   After much experimentation to represent the trinity of body, mind and spirit in a distinctive form within the triangle principle, I designed the divisions of the greater triangle in a wave like fashion to indicate the natural ebb and flow that gave rhythm and life to the static form of the standard triangle.  The shaded purple was representative of the colours of the higher chakras where the connection between heaven and earth is said to occur.


The line through the triangle represented the thread of life that linked Heaven to the Earth, The Divine to the Physical when that connection was made.  This represented the energy flowing through body mind spirit with which the kinesiologist worked.
It has been my delight to see the logo I designed appeared on various things including mug and shirts. It is with great delight that I congratulate the members of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists on so many very successful years and wish them continued success in the future.
Amy Hanson