AIK Ltd Accredited Courses

A cutting edge mind body science that is in the process of expansion and growth.
Since the development of Applied Kinesiology in the 1960's, Kinesiology has grown into a therapy that encompuses so many variations, different forms or modalities all with the purpose of empowering people to self heal and achieve their fullest potential.
Australia is seen by many as the centre of this growth and a place where Kinesiology has been able to expand and blend with many other complimentary therapies.   As a result there are many options that someone has when contemplating where to start learning Kinesiology.
Most people start with doing a few introductory courses that lead into exploring further Kinesiologies and ultimately end up with a competing a Certificate or Diploma of Kinesiology.  Once graduated and starting in their own practices, Kinesiologists refine their training with a number of specialty courses that can be used as part of their CPE (Continuing Professional Education) requirements.
One of the roles of The Institute is to ensure any programs available meet an industry standard, in terms of content and hours of training, that will provide members a greater opportunity of succes by being trained professionally and effectively.
The following list is a list of Accredited Courses from the AIK Ltd that anyone can undertake in order move down the path of become a registered Kinesiologist or can be used by existing Kinesiologists to satisffy their CPE requirements.  A NEW LIST OF ACCREDITED COURSES WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY SOON!  (September 2015)